This series is an exploration of art and its relationship with computers and photography. Digital photography uses tiny pixels to represent little areas of colour. The combination of all these pixels produces the image. What if we apply this same principle to paintings? Mosaics as well as Pointillist and Impressionist painting explored this many years ago.
With the current profusion of digital cameras and computers, it is interesting to re-examine this process. 

Cubic Caddy, Mixed media  16x20

Dividing into smaller squares yields a more textured image . In some cases staring at the work in person creates an illusion where the objects in the work appear almost 3-dimensional.

  Cuban Country Cars, Mixed media 11x14

Havana Traffic, Mixed media 11x14        

 Docked, Mixed Media 10x10
Docked at Low Tide, Mixed Media 10x10

Pixel Bikeworks,